Fulcrum Project

In an effort to expand our community of collaborative musicians, JACK announces a new initiative called the Fulcrum Project.

For over a decade, JACK has worked with composers at schools and festivals around the world developing, performing, and recording their music. The experience and materials these composers gain are used for their publicity, biographies, and portfolios, but with increasing tuition, student loan debt, and cost of living, the socioeconomic reality of institutional access disproportionately and unfairly excludes many people.

JACK believes that choosing to do something, or nothing, are equally active choices, and if access is not implicit in the creative ecosystem due to identity, class, or creative practice, it is the responsibility of an organization privileged with opportunity to help make material opportunity for others. To help support a more equitable musical landscape, JACK will commission six artists each year, who will receive money, workshop time, mentorship, and resources to develop new work to be performed and recorded by the JACK Quartet.

Inclusion is the driving inspiration for this project. Anybody may apply, and no specific training is required. Artists from communities underrepresented in classical music are especially encouraged to apply. JACK hopes to meet an array of musicians and sound artists ranging from those who already work within Western notation to those working outside of it who are curious about working with a string quartet for the first time.

JACK is asking interested artists to share their work and vision through a simple application. The deadline is May 1, 2019, and the six chosen artists will be announced in June 2019. Each artist will receive $5,000 to create a new work for the JACK Quartet. Developmental workshops will begin as early as Fall 2019. Final workshops, recording sessions, and performances will take place in Winter and Spring 2020. Throughout the process, JACK will help to pair artists with mentors for additional guidance and inspiration. Any travel expenses will be covered.

For more information, or if you have any questions at all, contact John Pickford Richards at john@jackquartet.com.