Anti-Inaugural Ball

Musicians from across the NYC experimental and jazz community counter cynicism with sound with performances by

Phyllis Chen • Jordan Dodson • ETHEL
Flor de Toloache - Mariachi Femenino • Flutronix • Gemini
International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) • JACK Quartet
Darius Jones • loadbang • So Percussion • Adam Tendler

With dancing provided by DJ Executive Realness

On January 20th, 2017, all-star musicians from throughout the experimental and jazz communities of NYC will come together for a marathon fundraiser concert/dance party in the acoustically intimate Mary Flagler Cary Hall at the The DiMenna Center for Classical Music. The concert is FREE to attend, and will provide laptop stations for attendees to donate funds for institutions that uphold America’s democracy and diversity including ACLU, LAMBDA Legal, Planned Parenthood, Southern Poverty Law Center, Hollaback!, and more. Representatives from organizations will be in attendance. 

Join us in our response to the current political climate for a night of positive action, deep listening, ecstatic sound, and community. 

FREE - attendees are encouraged to donate to their preferred social activist organizations - credit cards accepted via laptop stations

Attendees are invited, but not required, to participate in a potluck of snacks to sustain us as we listen and dance and donate the night away. Lainie and Jascha will be bringing vegan oatmeal cookies. Jay will be bringing his wife Heather's vegan cupcakes, John will be bringing brownies. 

Jason Eckardt, Lainie Fefferman, John Glover, Jascha Narveson
Co-curators & Co-producers


January 19
Le Poisson Rouge
January 24
Boston University