The JACK Quartet operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called JACK Music Inc. Under the artistic direction of the quartet, the organization's mission is to present, promote, and educate the public community about new music as well as expand and enhance the depth of the string quartet repertoire by collaborating with composers on the interpretation of existing works and the commissioning of new works.

Board of Directors

Daniel Baldini (Treasurer)
Marcos Balter (Secretary)
Jay Campbell
Elmore DeMott (President)
Christopher Otto
John Pickford Richards
Kate Sheeran
Michael Tanzer
Austin Wulliman


John Pickford Richards, Executive Director
Jay Campbell, Director of Artistic Planning
Austin Wulliman, Director of Development
Christopher Otto, Director of Finance

Charley Costantino, Intern
Kevin Kay, Intern


Thanks to our supporters, JACK celebrates its twelfth birthday this year. And more than ever, JACK needs your support. We can't do this without you. If you believe in the unique and important work JACK does, please consider donating.


To make a donation by mail, please mail a check or money order made payable to "JACK Music Inc." to:

JACK Music Inc.
809 W 181st St #224
New York NY 10033

Our Supporters

Adele & John Gray Endowment Fund • Allan Gravgaard Madsen • Andreia Correia • Anthony B. Creamer III • Astrid & John Baumgardner • Christine Pickford • Daniel Baldini • Deborah Joseph • Donna & Neil Streisfeld • Elmore & Miles DeMott • Eric Umble • James Hirschfeld & John Pickford Richards • Jane Plant • Jason Eckardt • John Lister • Josh Levine • Josh Rutner • Judith Lockhead • Kate Sheeran • Kevin Kay • Laura Damerville • Lawrence Sutton • Lewis Nielson • Mark Applebaum • Mark Jackson • Mary Kouyoumdjian • Michael Genese • Michael Klingbeil • Michael Spudic • Miya Masaoka • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Richards • Peter Pohly • Peter Robles • Phyllis & Bud Wulliman • Rand Steiger • Sarah Brailey • Stuart & Shirley Showalter • Tamerra & James Moeller • Ted Moore • Thomas & Jane Morris • Thomas Erbe • Wolfgang von Schweinitz